Financial Information Processing of IRAN
Financial Information Processing of IRAN
TSETMC Company

Mutual Funds Comparing

NameGuaranteed Earning Rate(%) Estimated Earning Rate(%)Divident Interval Period (Month)Age (Days)NAV (Rls)Net Asset (Rls)Bond Cash (%) Month Return (%) Three Month Return(%) Six Month Return(%) Year Return (%) Total Return (%) HPDR (%)Beta
TPI -4.50 -21.00 -28.30 116.40


NAV is updated Saturday to Wednesday at 15:00PM based on prev day's trades by Mutual Funds.
"Bond Cash (%)" is sum of Cash and Bonds.
HPDR is percent of total working days that the MF's revenue was better than index.
Calculations is based on data submitted by Mutual Funds so to ensure the accuracy them you should compare this data with MF's website before final decision.
In calculations dividend profit is involved.
Beta formuls is .
In calculating the beta daily changes rate of NAV and daily changes rate of Index are involved.
Using the information provided by the source is permitted.